Sunday, July 17, 2005

Nice, relaxed weekend. Never left the house! Maggie is doing well, we are adjusting to her new diet, phasing in the new food and out the old. Also stopped giving her all the various treats and supplements she was used to getting - she will soon be on nothing but the new food. Then we'll start phasing in the treats and such as things progress. I'm also giving her yogurt every morning as per vet instructions. Breyers has no artificial anything, so is best I think. She seems to really enjoy it.

In City of Heroes I made 42nd level and I got VERY close to 43rd - should make that Mon night if I play. ("if", funny! As if I wouldn't play!)

I finished the last book - James Rollins' "Sandstorm" and began a new one: Preston/Childs "Still Life with Crows".

I updated my Slayers character to 8th level - got some new spells and a new feat - took Spell Mastery and got four more spells' DC reduced by 5! (easier to cast)

I'm still watching H.R. Pufinstuf as time allows. Mind twisting stuff there.

Finished the computer I was working on for a friend - the FX5500 is an OK video card, but if you can afford the extra $40 go for thr 5700 or even the 6600 series. We discovered that while an AMD 1000 with 256mb and a 5500 video card can play Unreal Tournament and GTA3 just fine, it cannot play City Of Heroes. At all. Period.

*sigh* Oh well. I didn't even try Doom3 or HL2 - I figured that their requirements were more stringent than CoH so why bother. Ah well, it will still be a fine browsing box and will run many older games great. Original Half Life, Unreal, Quake, etc will all run fine.