Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Power went off at 2:30 am - woke me up because when my phone lost power while charging it started beeping. I suppose that's a 'feature' designed to kill the battery as soon as possible after a charge failure. This morning after I showered by flashlight (gas water heater) and left for work I found that the intersection closest to me was also without power - so it was a local outage.

Hopefully they will have it fixed by the time I get home.

I also have to call maintenance because the toilet won't stop filling - the upright overflow pipe broke off at the bottom. Just a cheap piece of plastic pipe that keeps the water from getting too high in the tank, but when it breaks off at the bottom... :) I turned off the water to the tank. Maggie gets a visitor to bark at today! I'm sure she will appreciate that almost as much as the maint guy appreciates being barked at the whole time he is there.

Still lvl 43 in City of Heroes. I keep dying, which slows me down somewhat. I'm trying to complete all the missions I can get at this level, I have the feeling that after I make another level some of my contacts will no longer have anything for me - and I'm in the middle of two storyline arcs right now - I want to know what happens!