Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm almost to 47 in City of Heroes now.

I called the cable company and got HDTV turned on - it cost me a grand total of $1.68 per month extra for the upgraded cable box. Plus I got some extra super duper cool HD channels I didn't have before! Of course, you have to have an HD-ready TV first, but I did! Very nice.

This week I have been working on a new firewall - it is live, so ironing out the bugs is top priority now. We have found a lot of nice features and a few that make you scratch your head asking "What were they thinking?".

Like the fact that the old, out of date and unsupported firewall did things automatically that the new one either cannot do or requires extensive configuration for. Like assigning internal IPs to VPN clients. *sigh*

I also sent Maggie to the groomers yesterday and wooo does she look different! I'll have pics later, hopefully. I got a haircut as well. Lotsa grey now. :(

No pics, of course. Not gonna happen!