Monday, August 15, 2005

Just made 49. I know this means nothing to most of the people reading this, but since Lvl 50 is the cap - the highest you can go - lvl 49 is significant! Once you get to lvl 50 with a character you get access to another couple of character types and a whole bunch of new powers and such. City Of Heroes is a pretty cool game. I have over 550 hrs in it right now. :)

I bought a new keyboard - Saitek Eclipse. Very nice - has a backlit keyboard with a nice blue light, and each key is lit so the letters on the keys are also lit in blue - very readable and easy to use in darkened rooms, oh say while playing games! :) I'll have to take a pic of it sometime! Like now!

Excuse the ugly picture, my cameraphone is not the best. New one on backorder!