Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New worms running rampant!

There are NINE new worms or variants of the new worms running on the
WWW right now. If you have a Windows 2000 computer, are connected to
the internet and do not have a firewall, you had better hope you have
applied all of the recent Windows Critical Updates or you are
infected. Not may be infected - ARE INFECTED.

ABC, CNN, NY Times, all got hit with this - it's a nasty one.

If you run Windows XP and have SP2 on it, you should be OK - but still
install all patches from Microsoft as soon as possible, you never know
when another version will come out that is targeted at XP!

It's critically important to always install the patches - you should
most likely have your computer configured to automatically install
them without waiting. Ditto for antivirus updates, you should keep
your subscription paid up and configure your client to automatically
update every day, if not several times a day!

This message brought to you by the scum of the earth that write
viruses and cause so much chaos around the world for we poor computer