Friday, September 30, 2005


Hockey starts Oct 5th, but tonight at 7 is a 'Season Preview' exhibition match between the Capitols and the Penguins!

7pm on CSN : Comcast Sports Network - dunno where it is if you don't have ComCast. Ch 45 for me. Also on Ch 251 in HD widescreen format!

I finished all 1040+ of the Catharsis comics by Monday evening. Hilarious!

I've found about 15 skipped mission arcs that I missed in City of Heroes, including about 7 which were primary arcs. I think I'm currently working on the last such arc which is lvl 45 - no threat to my lvl 50! Except for the Arch-Villains, as I found out much to my chagrin last night. Ouch. After I finish this arc I still have 3 more contacts to work with, and then there are old badges to work on and a few Task Forces to complete. I think I'll try to get my lvl 50 character to COMPLETE the game - that is, do everything.

At home I basically play CoH, browse the web, and watch a bit of TV - House is good, The Naval CSI show is good, CSI, ER sometimes, a few others are watchable. Nothing is really a must-see except House. Of course, now with Hockey back, I'll be watching more of that!