Friday, October 21, 2005

Quake 4 update. Installed it, tried to play - no sound. Had to configure it for the special EAX sound, not the default. Luckily I have the Audigy sound card that actually works with its new sound mode, as I was getting nothing with the default mode!

After that, I played for 2 hours solid. Great graphics, good gameplay, very much Quake, like Quake 2 but with a new plot and a few new tricks. AI is actually intelligent - your teammates are USEFUL, and if you try to do everything yourself you get yourself killed. They are excellent shots, use cover, and concentrate fire.

On the downside, I got VERY ILL to the point where I had to stop playing and go rest for a bit. Even TV was too much for about an hour. Severe headache and nausea. I think I may have to change some of the settings - something is really messing with my head.

City of Heroes has done that, but only after a marathon gaming session of 12+ hours. And never to that degree, only a slight headache and a little dizzy, mainly from lack of food, usually!

But overall Quake 4 is a good game, if you liked Doom 3, get Quake 4. :)