Saturday, October 29, 2005

Since ComCast is up and down today like a yo-yo, I don't dare try to play CoH today. My internet connection has been down for most of the day, and evne now will cut off with no warning, be gone for a few minutes and then come back. Annoying.

I'm making a shopping list. I MUST go shopping for clothes, I'm running out! Most of my wardrobe is several years old and showing the age. I need to rotate in some new stuff but that means *shudder* trying on clothes.

Yes, I hate trying on clothes. I don't particularly like shopping for clothes either. I'm a one-stop shopper, I want to get everything in one place, all at once, but I will likely have to go to several stores to find enough clothes that fit. *sigh*

I have reinstalled Seti@Home on both of my home systems and am starting a trial-run of leaving them turned on 24/7. We'll see how that works out when balanced against my paranoia.

I'm also burning my ghost backup images to DVD+RW - will take 11 or 12 DVD+RWs to hold it all. The fun part is that I am directly burning the images across the GB network - they are stored on my linux box, Trotsky, and I'm burning the DVDs on my XP box, Rasputin. Working well so far!

I just upgraded my nVidia SLI chipset and 6800 ultra video drivers, things seem to be working well, and my games no longer warn me that I'm running old drivers. I upgraded from 71.89 to 81.85, quite a jump.

We are gaming tomorrow, Matt is running his Slayers campaign again. We are beginning to make plans for the next game, however. Doug wants to run Star Wars but isn't ready yet, so I might run a quick & dirty omniversal blip trip combo one shot game based on d20 rules but incorporating elements from Shadowrun, Call of Chtulhu, many various GURPs games, and maybe some other stuff as well. If it sucks, that's OK, and if it rocks, that's OK too.