Sunday, November 20, 2005


I was just tinkering around, building up a couple of older P133 & P240 computers, yanking parts, adding parts, basically making two operable systems out of a pile of junk. As I was putting in the CD Player in one of them it stuck, so I pushed with my thumbs, as I am wont to do from time to time, as needed.

This time, I pushed and it wouldn't go. So I pushed harder. And harder. AND HARDER. Until it released all at once and shot into the drive bay.

Good? Well, it would have been if my thumbnail hadn't caught on the edge of the computer chassis.

Sooooo thumbnail bent backwards. A good 2/3 of the arc (it broke there) bent back just over 1/4 an inch past the quick.

That's a WHOLE 'nother level of pain. Maggie tried to help, she licked me in the face as I sat there in the floor cradling my hand, afraid to look.

Not too bad. I trimmed the nail down as far as I dared, poured hydrogen peroxide on it. Foamed nicely, and reintroduced me to Sting. I had forgotten that peroxide stung. Oh well.

Washed it well and it seems to have stopped bleeding now. But ouch. I imagine it will hurt for several days yet. *sigh*

But the CD-Drive is in.

It's my old old main system - it has a P240MMX cpu, a Matrox Millennium 4mb video card, and a CD-Rom of uncertain parentage. I was going to add a Soundblaster AWE Gold 64, but decided not to.