Monday, January 23, 2006

The ram came in for the Aptiva, and it is now happily crunching away at a packet for the World Community Grid. It will likely take 60 hrs or so for one packet. Maybe more. :)

It most likely won't be worth it to run the two low-end units, but the laptop for some reason gives 10x the points as the other two lowbies, even though it is nearly as slow. I'll keep running it as long as the points are worth it.

We had a great game Sunday - started a new campaign using the Star Wars d20 rules. I'm playing a Yuzzem, who is described as a remote ancestor to the Wookies, but bigger, stronger, and not as civilised. I'm 8'2" and carry a vibro-axe and a blaster rifle that I use as a pistol. Go me!