Thursday, February 02, 2006

I have this salsa I love, it's Safeway Southwestern Salsa, Medium. 24oz jar. It's the greatest salsa I have ever had, and I've had MANY salsas from homemade to restaurant to primo varieties. This one is the best. So I try to stock up when I can.

If I have less than 2 jars on hand I get nervous, and I like to see 4 or even better, 6 jars on my shelf. Along with 6 bags of Tostitos Scoops. Awesome combination.

SO I grab a jar, grab a tupperware thingie to put it in, shake well, prepare to twist off the top which usually is difficult, requiring muscles and such.

It came off with no effort. I mean the merest hint of a twist and it was off. No popping, no nothing.

*sob* Smelled a bit off. *whimper* Must flush it and go to the next one.

The next one did the same. And the next one. THREE JARS.

Flushed. Three. Jars.

The fourth and last one was sealed tight. *whew*

But now I'm outta salsa! The horror!

I literally go thru a jar every 2 days, sometimes, if I skip dinner, the salsa and chips ARE dinner. Or guacamole. Love that stuff too. Buy it 2 lbs at a time, in 8oz bags. Yum. Lasts about a week. Maybe.

I know, there are many things to become upset about, and having to throw away 3 of 4 jars of salsa isn't really one of them. Esp since they were on sale 2/$5. On further inspection, all three opened jars had serious dents along the top edge of the lid.

I'll watch for that from now on, plus try to open them in the store with very light pressure. This trauma must not be repeated.