Friday, March 31, 2006

Arg. The fellows that put in and maintain the fiber/networking for the county were checking the net in a remote site we admin when they found a router! O heavens! Whose router? So they asked all the people that didn't know and never called the people that did know.

So... They disconnected it. Regardless of the fact that it was in a secure building in a secure room. Even though it was obviously connected to a dual-head sun server running a critical app.

Of course, the app crashes when it can no longer find our network. (The router was a router/firewall with VPN - and we had a dedicated VPN tunnel over THEIR network to OUR network, never the twain shall meet.)

So after the user calls US (they know who to call, why didn't they tell the fiber guys this?) and we determine that the VPN tunnel is down and we cannot reach the router - they tell us that the fiber guys disconnected it. We call them and "Oh yeah! The rogue router! We are investigating that now!"

ARG! "We can help with that. It's ours. Put it back."