Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just back from Roanoke - had a nice trip, got to see everyone and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Maggie even behaved for most of the big party, with over 30 people in the house she really didn't bark very much. I kept her on leash most of the time, and we spent a bit of time avoiding a lovely little girl that just wanted to play. Even though Maggie did NOT. But it all worked out, and she got to pet Maggie a bit once both of them calmed down.

Hopefully I will get my new bookcase today, and I can un-doublestack my books and perhaps have room for some CDs that are currently homeless, just stacked in the floor. If I can get all of the CDs into the bookcase, I can use the current CD case for DVDs after a bit of re-configuring.

My new laptop is finally complete - it cost me $50, the new heatsink/fan assembly was $46 and a new battery was $68, so it was over $150 when all was said and done, but even that isn't bad for a 1.2mhz laptop. It runs XP just fine! I'll eventually get everything updated and installed on there that I need, and then I can start using it as my remote workstation when needed.