Sunday, May 28, 2006

Watched DS9 - about 7 episodes of season 3, I think. Played with my new DVR - that was fun! $10 more a month and I already have a few things set to record automatically! I'll never again miss NCIS or House!

Played City of Villains until I got sick of it, only took about 3 hrs - I got into a team with people who repeatedly charged in and ALL got slaughtered. One lady had healing powers but preferred to attack and thus get killed first so she didn't have to waste them on us.

Bleh. I'll try again tomorrow perhaps.

There's a BIRD that wishes to DIE. He keeps sitting on my car and crapping down the side while pecking madly at my mirror - on both sides. I put reverse-looped packing tape on the tops of the mirrors and it that doesn't work I'll put it along the windows to catch his pretty little wings. Then I'll sic Maggie on his ass.

(!@*#^ birds. Hateses birds. Nassssty birds.

In other news - I found some preacher cookies in the Food Lion Deli - Happiness. Horrible for me, but damn good.

Tomorrow I get to go to a BBQ at a friend's house - lovely folks, and lots of great people for me to work on my social skills with. I spend entirely too much time on the computer. It's 85 outside today and I went out 3 times with Maggie and once to go to the store. Then a couple of short trips to check on my tape-traps.