Monday, September 04, 2006

This Explains why my brother is in jail for 4 months. He got off EXTREMELY lightly. 3rd offence DUI is a Felony. He also refused the breathalyser (for the third time, I think). 1 yr sentence, 8 months suspended, 1 yr probation, eligible for parole after 85% of the 4 months remaining have been served. $1000 fine, $585 court costs, License officially revoked for 98 yrs but they said he could re-apply for one in 3 yrs.

The NEXT DUI he gets will result in a mandatory 1 yr prison term. Not the local jail, the state prison. Since he has had so many chances, it will likely be more along the lines of 3-5 years.

I hope he quits drinking and grows up because of this. He seems to think he is still in high school. This Peter Pan crap has gotta stop.