Monday, November 06, 2006

Just got back from the Vet - $400 for X-rays and blood tests...

Maggie hasn't eaten since Friday morning, she actually backs away from her food. She is hungry, as she will eat her treats and if I put her food on the floor she will eat it, unless I put a lot - then she backs away from it.

The X-ray showed what might be something in her intestines, but the vet wanted a 2nd opinion before they have her in to do sonogram on her. They will x-ray her again in a few days and see if the shadow moves before trying the sonogram.

2nd set of XRays will be another $175 or so. Worth it though. If they have to go in and investigate/remove the object, it will be 'considerably more'. *sigh*

Whatever. Gotta get Maggie healthy.