Friday, November 10, 2006

Maggie : I just heard from the various vets, they tell me that the mass on or near the spleen is not the primary concern right now, but the gall bladder is. The ultrasound revealed a lesion on the outside of it that could mean it was leaking or would rupture sometime in the next week or so. They need to get that out ASAP.

They said they would biopsy the liver at the same time to make absolutely sure nothing was wrong with it, as they think the gall bladder issue is causing the liver dysfunction.

They will also check the spleen and the object, removing the mass and part or all of the spleen if it was actually involved - but leaving it alone if the mass wasn't actually messing with it.

They will also check her other organs and check to be sure everything is healthy and there are no other problems.

This is scheduled for Tuesday - with a pre-surgery visit tomorrow for prelim bloodwork and such.

I have gotten her to eat by softening her food with milk or yougurt and nuking it for 15 sec - I think hard food hurts her tooth.

The abcessed tooth will have to wait 4-6 weeks until she heals from this surgery before she can be put under again to deal with the tooth. Poor puppy. But I don't mind being her chef for a bit.

All of the doctors seem to be very hopeful that the mass is benign and the gall bladder is the true issue here, so once the surgery is over she should be fine for another 6-10 years.

Let's hope they are right!

I want to thank everyone for their good hopes and messages, it means a lot. Maggie promises to bark one less times than normal the next time she sees you. :)