Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Maggie wouldn't eat a bite this morning - not even a little. She ran from the room and would not come back.

Got the results of Maggie's bloodwork back - nothing is worse, but things aren't improving as much as we had hoped. I took her back in tonight because she is FAT and it seems that there is fluid collecting in her abdomen.

That would account for the acorn-sized bladder that gets me outside with her every hour or so. Might also account for her lack of appetite.

The vet said that this could become serious but wasn't yet, but I needed to get food into her, even if it is hot dogs and hamburger. The problem is that I'm running out of food and can't get away to go to the store - perhaps tomorrow at lunch I'll go shopping before coming home to walk her.

I need to get a baked chicken and maybe some hamburger I could boil for her. Protein is a good thing for her right now, even if it wouldn't be good in the long term.

She is getting a lot of biscuits. She likes her biscuits. Maybe I can just give her 10 biscuits for dinner. I bet she would eat that.

I have SO much on the DVR to watch - I have got to get on it before I run out of room. But not tonight. Tonight is House, NCIS, and a few other good ones. :)