Friday, November 24, 2006

Recipie for MaggieFood(tm):

1 x 1/4 lb hamburger (Wendys, frozen, whatever)

if pre-cooked, skip to shredding, otherwise

frozen = 2.5 min in microwave, drain fat, shred
thawed = 1 in in microwave, drain fat, shred

shred means into tiny little pieces, use a fork to shred and hold the burger with the flat of a butter knife.

Set aside to cool

take 1 cup of dry kibble - whatever they normally like
Wrap tightly in a kitchen towel, holding all 4 sides of the towel together to make a pouch.

Hammer the pouch flat. Really beat it to make sure most of the kibble is shattered.

Dump crushed kibble into gladware/tupperware bowl
dump shredded hamburger into bowl
add milk - just enough to wet the mix, we don't need extra in the bottom when we are done.

It is best to use lactose-free, fat-free milk, as most dogs are lactose intolerant and they don't need the extra fat either.

stir thoroughly, put on lid and store until needed.

This makes about 4-5 meals for Maggie. She loves it.

I hope that eventually when the meds correct her liver problem and her appetite returns full-force, I can go back to just her kibble. *crosses fingers*