Thursday, November 30, 2006

Several updates! I reorganized, added, and deleted some links to the left side of the page. These are the links I try to check daily, if not more often. I have RSS feeds set up to alert me to new articles on several of these sites.

I try to keep up with PhysOrg, Engadget, the Internet Storm Center, F-Secure and Kapersky's blogs, Brian, Bob, and all of the online comics.

On the Maggie front, she wouldn't eat this morning or just now, but I bet she's just being stubborn. We'll see how long she can resist. I got more meds for her, she now takes six different meds, three of which are twice a day. There's another med coming down the road but not for another week or so until some other tests come in. Other than that, she looks great and seems to have lots of energy - overall she seems happy!

She had her staples out just now - the vet said that the incision was healing so well that the staples were partially healed over! They got them all out though.