Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Maggie news! She's doing great, TONS of energy and she can do things she hasn't been able to do for years, like jump onto the bed and such. She chases birds in the backyard, runs around the house with a toy in her mouth, generally enjoys life.

She also started eating her normal food again - a little hesitation and glare at me, but she eats it. Yay! No more nuking it with milk to make gravy. My spoiled dog is becoming not-so-spoiled.

She's on several meds, and the Dr said the last tests to check on intestinal issues came back negative, so they think her guts are working fine.

The liver peoblems are being supported with meds, and they are going to have a liver enzyme and thyroid blood test in 2-3 weeks to make sure everything is balanced.

So she's doing great!