Friday, January 12, 2007


Argh. Twisted my knee - burning agony for a bit. Not so bad now, I'll just go easy on it this weekend and hope it's just a minor twist.

I also finally discovered why the graphics have been distorted and screwed up in City of Villains for the past few months. Even upgrading the drivers - several times - didn't help.

The chipset fan on the motherboard is NOT TURNING. Sheesh.

A little research shows that this is a very common problem with the Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboards. Like, VERY common. *sigh*

The solution is either to get a fan from Asus and replace it, or buy a compatible heatsink/fan from somewhere else and install it. From all accounts, removing the old fan and installing a new one requires removing the motherboard and all cards, then replacing it all once done. Not something I'll be getting into with this system.

Another solution I found is to hang a fan between the two video cards and just let it blow directly on the chipset fan. This works great. I had a spare fan, used twist-ties to hang it in there and tie it to the bottom video card to keep it off the case side.

So far it has dropped the temp of the area of the chipset by about 12 degrees C. YAY!

Now I'll go back into CoV and see what it did. :)