Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Two days until closing, the loan is approved, everything is ready except the final papers from the title company telling me the amount to bring for closing costs. I'm nervous but happy - I just hope everyone does their part and everything goes smoothly. I don't like surprises and I definitely don't like unpleasant surprises caused buy someone else not doing their job.

I visited the house again with my realtor, everything looks good, they have moved part of the furniture out and are in the middle of packing, so it looks messy. They promised to have it completely empty and cleaned by Friday, and my response was that anything left in the house Friday at 4pm is mine. :)

Maggie is doing great! The doctors conferred over her last round of blood tests, and while one liver enzyme is four times higher than normal, they think this may be a good sign of healing, and the other enzymes have all returned to normal levels after being WAY out of whack. The way the vet put it was that there is liver damage, but she is no longer in liver failure. He seemed hopeful of a complete recovery.

We took her off of the diuretics completely, and halved the dosage of prednisone again, and we may be able to wean her completely off of prednisone within a few months if her liver self-corrects and balances itself. *crosses fingers*

I have all of my DVDs and over half of my books packed, all of my computer parts closet, most of the knickknacks and such from the living room, and my CDs, etc - 38 boxes so far. Some of them are quite heavy though. I'll have to be extra careful I don't screw up my knee again. I still have to pack my office books and gaming stuff, as well as clothes, kitchen stuff, and the TV/Stereo stuff. No hurry, I'm giving 60 days notice tomorrow or Friday, which should give me plenty of time.