Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Buffalo intros 3TB TeraStation Live and TeraStation Pro II - Engadget

Well, just heard back from the Vet about the blood/urine tests Maggie was in for last week, and apparently her liver is doing just fine! She is still showing signs of liver damage, but it is healing, and liver function is returning to normal! She is only on a small dose of prednisone (steroids) right now, and once the liver is at full power we may be able to stop that as well!

She loves the new house, she has no problem with the stairs, and I think she is getting used to having so much more room to play!

I still have to hang pictures - I need to do that soon. There are a couple of them that I cannot hang alone - I need help to do them, so I might recruit my brother to help when he gets here Memorial Day weekend with Mom and his son, Tyler.

Last night I cooked hot dogs on the grill, they were great! I need to mow again. I should also get some Weed & Feed, the yard is not in great shape - lots of weeds and the grass is sorta skimpy in places and thick in others.