Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Computer stuff : In the last week, I have been tinkering with several linux releases - mainly as a way to get more comfortable with linux and maybe learn something as well.

I used a spare system at work and installed Linux From Scratch - took 4 days but I finally got it to the point where I could log into it and browse around. Not much else. I gave up on installing a GUI because the complexity is simply too much without a very smart installer to handle it for you.

I then wiped it and installed Gentoo from a stage 3 file, totally configured it from that point, and installed Gnome and KDE on it. I spent a day or so trying to install Beryl on it just to see if I could get the 3d acceleration working, and gave up. Gentoo is not user friendly, and the drivers for it are still weak. ATI RV100 drivers should be available and foolproof for every dist, they are OLD.

I then wiped it and installed Ubuntu 7.04 on it. Flawless. Gnome just worked. I installed Beryl, and after a little bit of fumbling with settings and conf files, it worked. Took under a day. Beryl is just eye candy, but I love the 'burn' effect when opening and closing windows.

Then I swapped back in the original drive and put the computer back into the spares pile. I'm done learnin' for a bit. :) Maybe I'll start up my linux box at home, but not until I get the heat situation in the office dealt with.

I think I need to put in a much larger vent, the tiny little 2"x6" vent is just inadequate. Maybe a 6x10 would be better. I'll have to remove the vent faceplate and see if there is enough vent in there to cut out a section and put a new faceplate on.