Friday, June 15, 2007

Orb Designs Graffiti, a Daily Blog - June 11, 2007 thru June 17, 2007

As I was getting in my car this morning, I watched a brand new Mazda 626 come into the subdivision, drive across the median into the oncoming lanes (over a 4' bush and both high curbs), then proceed up the oncoming side.

He was dragging most of the exhaust assembly, making a horrible racket and drawing a nice white line up the road. He went on up the road past me, weaving a bit and seeming to be very disoriented.

I drove after him - found him stopped in the middle of the road where he got out and checked the exhaust. I asked if he was drunk, he said yes. I said to wait there and I would get some help. :)

I turned around and went towards home, gonna call da cops - but then a Gaithersburg Police cruiser turned into the subdivision - I flagged him down and told him about the guy, and he went and GOT HIM. WOO! One less idiot on the road!

Shame - nice new 626 - still had the temp tags from the dealer.