Monday, November 26, 2007

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Overdue News Update:

Well, we went to Roanoke for the holiday and ate much food and enjoyed it thoroughly, then drove back Saturday morning and that night went to a hockey game (see below). Sunday we saw Hitman - it was GREAT! Some folks might not like it, but I loved it.

I just went out and bought the new Hitman PS1 Trilogy for $20.99 - it's on sale!

Last night we caught the last half of the Hogfather on TV, so I went to Borders and bought the DVD just now. It's on sale for $16.99, and only available at Borders.

In other news, Maggie is not doing so well - her liver is slowly degenerating, the enzymes put out by damaged liver cells are slowly increasing, to the tune of 97, 203, 320, 428 in the last few months. The vet says it isn't dangerous until it hits 1500 or so, but the trend is disturbing. We have her on several meds, and they seem to have stopped working.

Wednesday I take her back into the hospital for more tests. I have already decided that there will be no more surgery - the last one made her VERY scared and sick for a week or so and she really hasn't been her old self since then.

I have no need to traumatize her with more surgery and overnights away from me.