Friday, December 14, 2007

Mass Medium: Chapter 8 from "The Never Ending Days of Being Dead" by Marcus Chown

Brain Food - Zero-Point and Quantum Mass explained. Sorta.

Calphysics Institute: Introduction to Zero-Point Energy

Mass Medium: Chapter 8 by Marcus Chown

Heavy reading, and over my head, but I think I grasp the basics of it. Promising and exciting stuff, if we can avoid any huge mistakes while experimenting with it.

Imagine a device that instantly released all zero-point energy from a bit of mass - any mass. Not nuclear, not anti-matter/matter, but a quantum explosion of energy. Would make the largest nuclear device ever detonated look like a snap-n-pop. 120 orders of magnitude more powerful. Wow.

Of course, if we can avoid destroying ourselves, we might be able to tap into an incredibly powerful and everpresent power source, so that our energy-hungry devices and transportation would no longer rely on oil or electricity, but would just tap the quantum energy fields that underlie everything.

Maybe in 250 yrs or so.