Tuesday, January 01, 2008

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Happy New Year!

Got to bed late, after 1am, and woke up when the phone rang at 7:15am - work called, had a problem with the computers. After a bit of remote troubleshooting, I got to call my boss and make his New Year better by passing the problem on to him. Apparently the software didn't react well to the year changing.

Do I have any New Years' Resolutions? Just the one - reduce VISA usage and try to SAVE money instead of hemorrhaging it like I usually do. I figured out that after the essential utilities and bills I have around $400 left per month. Since I live on VISA and try to pay it off every month, my savings account has been dwindling. I'm at the lowest point in years, and haven't been able to pay the VISA completely off for 2 months. I have to learn to do without things I don't NEED. Needs and wants are often confused.

I'm spoiled - I used to have over $1500/mo of disposable income, but now the house eats through that. I gotta learn some self-control.

So no more Amazon for 3 months. Starting now. No more impulse buys, no more computer parts, gaming stuff, computer games, etc. I can do this. :)