Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I got news Sunday when I called Dad that my brother (Greg) was in the UVA Intensive Care Burn Ward - about 8:30 pm Sat night he was burning brush and had poured gas on it, when he went to light the gas, the fumes detonated and flash-burned him pretty bad. Both arms and legs, hands too. Not his face so much, and his chest and thighs were OK as he was wearing shorts and a shirt. He is expected to be fine.

I just heard from Patty (my ex), she had a baby girl! She needs to relocate Toby as he is not likely to be good around a baby, he is a bit snippish sometimes. We'll take him and Maggie and Toby will be together again. Patty is really upset by the whole thing, but I think Maggie's looking forward to having Toby around. It will make trips and such more difficult, but we will deal with it. We did it before, we can do it again!

I'm trying to vacuum the floor and the damn cleaner just overheated and shut off. *grumble*
Perhaps I'll play some City of Heroes while I wait for it to recover...

edit: After unplugging it for the better part of 3 hrs, it worked again. Darn. Had to finish the floors.