Wednesday, July 23, 2008

KickingTires: Audi Takes on Stop Lights: A Must Read

I talked with Greg yesterday, he seems to be doing much better! He has a MySpace page with lots of (graphic) pictures of the burns, hospital scenes, grafts, and recovery process. sgrmil is his myspace ID - click on the 'pictures' link under the name section.

I took Maggie to the vet as an emergency drop-in last night, as her feces was bloody. Very bloody. Had been a little bit bloody, but last night it was bad. Bloody diarrhea all over the back yard bad.

He put her on a strong antibiotic and we'll just watch her and see.

The chronic liver failure means she is on a heavy dose of steroids long-term, which wrecks her immune system, and now this is the second time in 2 months that she has some sort of bad infection - the last time was the abcess on the back of her head. Plus her thyroid is screwing up more and we may need to increase the meds for that. I'm worried.