Thursday, September 18, 2008

Orb Designs Graffiti, a Daily Blog - September 15, 2008 thru September 21, 2008

So much happening all at once! Must be Karma.

I just bought a 1-to-4 Bidirectional Cable-TV Amplifier to correct crappy Cable reception - it worked beautifully. I replaced 3 splitters with a single unit. My broadband speed doubled and my cable reception improved a LOT. No more jaggies, blocks, silence, or scrambles. HD looks better than ever. So that was a Good Thing.

As we were watching the lovely cable TV service, I noticed a wet spot in the ceiling above the sofa. After checking, Sara's tub is leaking somewhere, either the cold water feed is leaking or possibly the manifold/showerhead pipe. Need to get a plumber in there quick. *sigh*

And this morning I went to the basement to hunt down a strange sound and found the bathroom was 1/2" deep in water. The toilet tank valve stuck open and wouldn't fill up, and the filler neck was splashing off the inside lid of the tank spraying the wall. So we have a mess after 12 hours of this.

At 6:30 this am I was at Lowes buying a Shop-Vac. I got the 16 gallon contractor model. I couldn't turn the water shutoff valve, and I'm afraid to force it, so when the plumber is here for the pipes on the 2nd floor, I'll have them fix the toilet as well - it likely only needs the tank insides replaced (easy job) but with the shutoff stuck I'll leave it to the professionals rather than rupture a pipe and re-flood the area.