Friday, October 17, 2008

Allowing iGoogle Homepage Users to Roll Back Design Change Petition

Allowing iGoogle Homepage Users to Roll Back Design Change Petition : Petition created Thursday 10/16/2008

We the undersigned, would like to request that Google enable us as users of their product known as the iGoogle Homepage, to undo the recent design change known as 'Canvas View'. We the undersigned preferred our homepages without what we perceive as unnecessarily wasted screen real estate on the left side of our homepage, and would prefer to continue using that space as we had been using it previously. There are other widgets that were provided, or that we created, that we deemed important, and wanted on the far left side of our browsers.

Also, as users of your service, and various other services, we would like to request that companies such as yourself take note of this, and not use force to push redesigns on your respective users. While we are very aware that it is your services and website over which you rightly have total control, forcing a redesign on we, the users who live with these products every day is rude, and it disengenders our sense of loyalty to continuing to use your services.

We would hope and like to request that you give us the option to choose the redesigns, and let the popularity of a good design be the deciding factor that helps to evolve the site.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and allowing us us the choice to decide how we live with your product.