Friday, December 05, 2008


Christmas, a season that brings joy to some. And dread to the rest. I'm so stressed about it that I've decided that we won't be giving any gifts out except to very close family - and not all of them, as they have also decided to not give gifts. It's a relief to not have to worry about it.

I will still have to get a few family members some things, but they are fairly easy as restaurant gift certificates are always popular.

I wish the gift giving traditions would just cease - there really is no need for it other than to keep Wal-Mart in business. The retail sector has been pushing the gift race so there's always a need to get bigger and better gifts for even more people than last year.

Here's a gift for all of you reading out there - John’s Background Switcher

This is a great piece of software - you point it as your pictures folder, or give it a list of pictures, or a website or rss feed and it will change your desktop background as often as you like, at random.

Merry Christmas!