Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mar 18 - Maggie throws up blood, vet did many tests, liver ALT enzyme values are at just over 700. Normal is 118, normal for Maggie is between 200-300.

Mar 23 - Took Maggie to specialist at VCA, full workup & another blood test, posible ultrasound depending on results.

Mar 24 - ALT is at 1600. Not good.

Mar 25 - Ultrasound, nothing wrong that they can see, which is good. Likely it is just a bad infection, prescribed strong antibiotics, retest in 12 days.

Apr 6 - blood test for Maggie.

Apr 7 - Good news! Her ALT levels are at 286, which is in her normal range. We will re-test her 14 days after the antibiotics run out, hopefully it will be stable. We may need to test her every other month or maybe monthly. *sigh* Poor puppy. But it looks like she's going to be fine for now!