Monday, May 25, 2009

Well, that 1250w power supply I bought failed today. It went POP and my system shut down without warning. *sigh*

I asked NewEgg for an RMA to return it for a refund - a few things to keep in mind before you buy from NewEgg :

Their return policies are draconic. 30 days for refund on most items, but NO refund on others, like CPUs and the like.

I will have to pay a $37.50 restocking fee on the $249 power supply.

I will also have to pay $16.31 to ship it back to them.

So basically I am out $55 on this unit, plus having to buy another brand locally for $249 was $263 after tax.

The reviews for the Coolermaster 1250w PS did have several people mention that they had a track record of failing like that, but I assumed that was an older issue that had been corrected. Apparently not.

Now I have a brand new Antec 1000w modular PS - it's very nice, I love the modular design, no extra cables to have to tie up! My system came right up and booted like there had been no problem at all.

Overall, very happy to have my system working again!