Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cloudy Circumstances Surround LXLabs Suicide | Linux Journal

Cloudy Circumstances Surround LXLabs Suicide

"LXLabs is perhaps best known for HyperVM, a popular control panel for virtual private server management. The product is used by countless VPS providers to control Xen and OpenVZ virtualization and, along with the hosting control panel Lxadmin (now known as Kloxo), to build and manage shared web hosting systems. Some twenty-four vulnerabilities in the Kloxo platform were recently discovered and patched by the company, a harbinger, perhaps of what was to come. Over the weekend, Veraserv, a hosting provider based in the United Kingdom, was the subject of a hacking attack, resulting in some 100,000 websites hosted with the company being deleted — roughly half of the company's stored user data. According to reports, many of the affected accounts had chosen the company's unmanaged hosting plans — significantly less expensive than managed plans — which did not include automatic backups, and as a result, their data may have been lost permanently."

Now that is certainly a cause for concern, but suicide? One would hope that when hosting websites and data on an inexpensive plan with no backups that you would keep your own backup set, so the loss is likely nothing more than an annoyance and inconvenience to the people impacted. Certainly not worth ending your life over.

Of course the story mentions that the vulnerability and hack may not be the cause.

Sad, whatever the reason.