Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wireless Update.

I have now tried all of the drivers with both the original and new chipset drivers. Nothing works.

The RALink drivers have the best utility, shows a solid connection with no problems, 135mb instead of 300, but I don't care about that as long as I get the thing working. It worked for about 2 minutes then started failing. *sigh*

The ne785 drivers would not install, claiming the card was not inserted. That means it may be compatible with the NE771 but is not compatible with the ne766.

Next? I dunno. Right now this netbook is fairly useless. I could ship it back to Amazon and get a credit - or maybe the 1005hap or something.

It seems a shame though, I already installed everything I want and have all of the configurations and software perfected. All I need is an internet connection I can rely on.

I think I'll try to find an ne771 or ne785 card online, and look into the installation/upgrade path.

Let this be a warning to you folks with an ne766 wireless card - if it works, do NOT upgrade the driver. Leave it alone. :)