Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yesterday Toby gave us quite a scare. He was bleeding from his nether regions - bright red. Upon checking that area, there was a tumor just under his tail. It was bleeding. So off we went to the vet for an emergency consult. It was confirmed as cancer, but was on the surface, had not grown in, only out.

They surgically removed the tumor and sent it off for analysis. While he was out for the procedure they did his dental work - apparently hadn't been done in a long time, if ever. They found a molar had broken off and been twisted sideways and healed that way. Ouch. They removed that and cleaned his teeth and stitched up his rear and sent him home.

Now we have to watch him 24/7 to make sure he doesn't bite or gnaw at the wound - we have one of those cone collars, but he hates it with a passion, so I would rather not use it. I'll be checking in on him several times a day and then next week we'll see.

Maggie, on the other hand, seems fine, she was more upset that we brought him back home than she was when we left with him.

So I'm $1k poorer and Toby had painful procedures done at both ends, and now he is on meds as well as Maggie, so we have a lot of pill bottles to keep organized. Vet said Toby should be feeling much better by Monday and it should have mostly healed in a couple of weeks.

I just hope the tests come back as benign.