Saturday, December 19, 2009

The snow is at 20" now. I just shoveled a good 8" of drifted and fallen snow out of the back yard areas I set for the dogs. About 1/3 of the yard. Plus I have to keep the area around the heat pump clear and sweep the snow off the top and sides or it will stop heating the house - which would truly suck.

There are massive piles of snow in the back yard where I have been trying to throw the snow. It looks pretty impressive.

We haven't touched the front yard other than the steps. We are leaving it alone so the yardstick will be an accurate measure, even though deep snow compresses thsat under it, so 20" could really be 24" or so. it is 22F here, has been all day, may get colder tonight. The snow is very light and fluffy, blows around easily and can be swept away if it's not too deep. So I don't think it compressed much - I'll accept the yardstick as more or less accurate.