Saturday, December 19, 2009


It started snowing last night around 8pm, by 9:15 we were home, roads beginning to stick, but not bad yet. Then I had to go back out because Taco Bell couldn't seem to get a simple order correct. Even after I re-specified and had them correct it at the pay window, and they took 5+ min to get the order together, they still got it wrong.

So I went back. Took 10 min to get there, roads are slightly slick, but I have 4wd and a nice set of tires.

Waited 15 min there for the new order to be filled. When I got back out, there was 1" of snow on the car. Ouch. Roads fully covered, it took 35 min to get home - max speed was 30mph and that was dangerous - I was sliding around. 20mph was safe. Still spun when taking off at lights - no matter how gently I applied the gas.

But I got home safely, we watched tv a while and then went to bed around midnight with 3" or 4" of snow on the ground.

Got up with the dogs around 7am. Shoveled a good 7" of snow off the back patio and 1/3 of the yard so they could do their business.

at 11am I re-shoveled another 4" or so - and I just checked and there is another inch on the ground I just cleared.

2" per hour? Wow.

The parking lot and road in front of the house are impassable. The main road that I can see from my porch is untouched, fully covered by up to a foot of snow. No traffic is moving that I saw, and I watched for several minutes.

TV is showing big trucks pushing little trucks so they can avoid blocking the roads. They are pushing snow as fast as they can, but they are having problems with the silly people that just HAVE to go stock up on toilet paper and water. Newsflash, people - the stores are likely closed, the parking lots are impassable, and when you get stuck you screw it up for a dozen other people, including the rescue teams and snow crews.

Stay home. Relax. Watch TV, read a book.

I have no intentions of leaving the house until Monday morning. Except to shovel the backyard for the dogs, of course. :)

I'll try to post some pics later on.