Friday, December 04, 2009

Why there's no sign of a climate conspiracy in hacked emails - environment - 04 December 2009 - New Scientist

Why there's no sign of a climate conspiracy in hacked emails

The denial of global warming is getting pretty old. Ignoring all of the facts because they aren't convenient, finding issues with the people that are trying to get something done, and then dismissing all of what they say? Illogical.

I believe that global warming is a fact, that Humanity is directly responsible for it, and that within 50-100 years the oceans will rise some appreciable amount from 10 to 50 feet.

I also believe that it is far past the tipping point, and that nothing we do will make very much difference.

Spending huge amounts of money to stop something that cannot at this point be stopped is simply stupid.

So the true inconvenient truth is that it would be ill-advised to take all of these radical ideas to cut down on CO2 emissions, carbon, etc. It's too late.

If you live within 50' of sea level, you may have to move. It won't be quick, so you should have a few years to make your preparations. Island dwellers - start prepping, you have had ample warning. Trusting humanity to save your islands is disingenuous, at best.