Monday, March 22, 2010

Details on what the new healthcare bill does. Everyone should read it. The Republicans would have you believe that this is a nightmare of heavy taxes on the poor and will destroy the nation, and the Democrats would have you believe that this is a wonderful cure-all that will allow everyone to be healthy and not cost anyone anything.

Neither is true.

What it is - a gutted, bastardized version of what should have been passed. The measures that were in the original bill for a government option (medicare) for everyone - was removed. Many other things that would have been for the best were also removed (to attempt to get the Republicans to agree with it). Then they padded on special pork to sway the traitors in the Democratic party that wouldn't vote for it unless they were bribed to do so.

What I would have done? After this last fiasco with the Republicans, I would have started with the original bill, before the pork, before it was gutted. Then passed it. No bribes. Vote for it or be replaced by the people you represent.