Friday, April 02, 2010

Last night we bought a new microwave! LG LRMP1270ST, a nice 1200w model, nice large interior, many newfangled functions, etc.

We left it in the box because we were so tired, but then today I got home for lunch just in time to see the 'bulk pickup' truck getting stuff off the curb, so I asked them if they took microwaves - and ended up taking our old microwave out to them. So it's gone, and the smell with it.

(re: nuclear burrito from last saturday)

So now I have no way to cook lunch. I unbox and hook up the new microwave, cook my lunch. (burritos, go figure)

It did OK, so I went back to work happy with the new microwave.

We got home, and Sara was trying to reheat a hamburger when we noticed that even after 2 min at 100% power the cheese wasn't melted. Not even warm. *sigh*

Returned it to Best Buy, exchanged it with no problems, and this one is working fine. *crossing fingers*