Monday, April 05, 2010

Maggie! OK, it looks like we are going to get the brace made. Last Thursday we took her to the 'Sports Medicine Vet' and they took x-rays and such. The knee is completely separated, no tendons, etc - total rupture. Nasty.

They said that a brace would definitely get her mobile again, without the need to be supported or carried up and down steps, etc.

So the bad news is that it will never be normal, but the good news is that a brace will get her back to being independent, more or less.

My knees are starting to protest the extra weight - 30 lbs of doggie to carry up and down the stairs several times a night. I nearly fell a few times, so I'm taking more time, not hurrying, etc. One good thing is that she is sleeping through the night most times, no more 3am bathroom breaks. :)

And Toby? He's fine. He was quite upset when she hurt herself and I took her to the vet that day. I think he sensed how upset Sara and I were, and it scared him that we took Maggie away. He was extremely happy to see her when we brought her home. I think he assumed the worst - when I got home I could hear him crying before I opened the door. Sad little guy.

So as long as he has Maggie he is happy. :)