Thursday, July 29, 2010

96 hrs.

So. 96 hrs without electricity. I've managed to charge my cell twice using my 1500 UPS I had my computer peripherals connected to, plus inflate the queen size air mattress. UPS are cool.

it's not the darkness that is so bad, it's the heat. It's 82 on the main floor, 88 upstairs, and 75 in the basement. We've been sleeping, eating, living in the basement pretty much, as it's oppressively hot and the air is horribly humid and stagnant in the rest of the house.

We have also missed a lot of new episodes of shows we like on TV. :(

True Blood
The Next Food Network Star
Warehouse 13
Hot in Cleveland
Top Chef

Tonight is Burn Notice and tomorrow night is Eureka. Hope we get power back soon.

PS: Just got my Pepco bill! $427

Gee thanks. No electricity and the bill shows up. *sigh*