Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lessons Learned about the Acer Aspire D260

I got the new netbook, cranked it up, prepared to be awestruck by the speed and power, and.... Waited.

It took over 7 minutes to get me to the LOGIN screen, and an additional 5-6 to get to a usable desktop. Wow.

A bit of googling led me to remove the plastic fake-SD-card from the slot on the side. It turns out that if you leave that inserted (or anything other than a live SD card) it detects it as occupied and tries to load the SD card - with a 5 min timeout.

Once that was removed, it booted in just over a minute, under 2 min to a usable desktop. Acceptable.

I also changed the wireless device settings to not allow the power saving to disable or reduce wireless speeds. Should speed up browsing and file transfers.

I uninstalled the McAfee suite, MS office 2007 demo, MS WOrd, MS office 2007 registration tool, Norton Backup Demo, an encryption tool demo, several newsreader demos, the google MSIE toolbar, and skype. Maybe some other stuff too. Lots of cruft in here.

Now it runs fairly smoothly, and all I have to do is install the stuff I had on the other unit, which is quite a lot. Then I wanna back it up.

Oh yeah, my Buffalo LinkStation 2TB unit died too. It was unplugged, so I dunno what happened to it. In any event it looks like I get to ship it bck to Buffalo for a replacement unit. I won't be buying Buffalo again, and when it dies again I'll likely rip it apart, put the 2tb HD in a normal computer chassis, and throw away the crappy Buffalo parts. openFiler to the rescue.