Thursday, August 12, 2010

D.C.'s day of storms

Yes, we had a huge and damaging storm this morning around 6:30am - took our power out, flooded many local streets, around 100,000 people lost power in our county.

Then again just now, around 5:20pm or so another huge storm - did it all over again. They had got about 20k people back online as far as power goes, and I bet they are all down again, and more as well.

We are going to try to get ice early and keep ice in our freezers to keep from having to throw food away.

This is getting old, people. If I had gotten that generator, I could have just cranked it up and had 10 hrs or so of tv, freezers, microwave, lights and fans per tank of gas. TV may not be useful as cable is out, but we have scads of DVDs to watch.

I may end up getting a smaller generator just for the freezers, a little 3500 would work fine for them and a few lights and fans. Not enough for the microwave tho. :(