Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Saturday, we went to Men's Wearhouse to have my suit tailored to fit or possibly buy a new one. The old suit was deemed 'impossible' to resize. I went from a 46 to a 50 suit. Oh well. The buttons on the old one won't come with 6" of closing in front now. heh.

So I ended up with nearly two full sets of clothes!

See, they were having a buy one get one free sale (everything except shoes, which were buy one get one for 1/2 price). I did well.

I got two suit coats and pants to match, one dark blue and one charcoal with pinstripes. Two shirts, one white and one grey. Two nice ties. Two overcoats, one wool and one nylon. A very nice pair of Bostonian shoes that are very comfortable when new, I can only imagine how nice they will be when broken in. All for just over $1k.

I may give my old suit to my brother, I think it could be resized down to fit him, as he can take the suit to his local MW store and they will resize things for him for a small charge.