Monday, February 07, 2011


World of Warcraft is a pretty decent game. We now have two accounts, one for me and one for Sara.

I got a Night Elf Priest on her account up to level 10, and her character is at 5 or 6, she's enjoying the process.

I also got a Night Elf Druid up to lvl 7 and a Blood Elf Hunter up to level 17. All in the past week.

So it is fair to say that we enjoy the game, and will likely be on it more. ;)

I love the fact that every race has a completely different starting area and huge list of quests. Very nice! There are slight variations in the quests for different classes, even, but the majority of them are the same for a particular race.

One minor nitpick - it teaches you to do the very minimum you have to do to get by and fulfil the quests. For instance if you are sent to an area to defeat 10 creatures, and while you are there you defeat 20 of them and find their boss and defeat him as well, you should be rewarded, right?


You return to the quest-giver who congratulates you on the 10 you beat, then says that now you need to go defeat the boss. No credit for having just done that, as it was not in your previous quest's requirements. So you get to go back and fight the guy again.

Ah well. Good experience. :)